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      Hey riders – What’s the riding like at Brevard, NC in April?

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      It sucks. Don’t go. Stay home and play GTA.




















      The riding is great there year round and if you go the first couple weeks you can ride some of the fun seasonal trails.

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      It’s awesome.

      Dupont or Pisgah? Whatever, it’ll still be awesome. Enjoy!

      (BTW, Go to Mayberry’s when you’re in Brevard. Get the chocolate pie. Thank me later.)

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        Thinking Pisgah  – Looking for smooth , flow trails (stuff my wife can handle).  Maybe Tsali also.  Any suggestions?

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      Greg wrote up an excellent article outlining his picks for smooth, flowy trails in the area:

      Searching for Beginner Trails to Avoid East Coast Gnar

      tldr: Go for Dupont, Bracken, or Bent Creek. Tsali is nice too, but obviously it’s a bit of a drive from Brevard, and there aren’t a lot of other trails nearby.

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      Stick to Dupont or Bent Creek or your wife may never want to go ride again.  Plenty of great trails in both locations and none are too remote or far from bail out points.  Some trails in Pisgah proper are easier than others, but one wrong turn and it could be a really long, steep, and technical ride to back the car.

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      For what its worth, Dupont is an awesome trail system but if you ride there be prepared for some climbing.  There’s plenty of smooth flowy trails but most with elevation.  If you go, I’d highly recommend buying a map and planning your ride in advance so that you experience some of the epic trails. This is the track I took:

      Bent Creek is ok but there’s no way I would ride there over DuPont if you have to choose one.  IMO, Pisgah is only worth riding if you take on some of the more demanding technical trails which may not be what you’re looking for.

      FWIW, if you really want smooth flowy trails that you can enjoy riding with your wife it may well be worth making the drive to Tsali.  It’s a relaxing 1.5 hour drive through the mountains.  You’ll have elevation change but it’s very manageable and nothing that a beginner/intermediate rider can’t handle.   There are several scenic areas that provide an opportunity to take a break to enjoy stunning views of Nantahala Lake.   You can ride two of the four “loop” trails (Left/Right or Thompson/Mouse Branch) on any given day as they alternate between bikers/equestrians  each day.  Doing two trails is ~15 miles.

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      I can’t speak to the trails in NC, but the trails in WV are really muddy in April.  I would call one of the local bike shops in the area and ask.  You don’t want to be the guy who comes in from out of town and ruins the local trails.

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      If you’re looking for easier flow trails, I’d recommend Tsali over Pisgah/Dupont area. If you’re camping, there are tent sites right at the trailhead or you can go a few miles away to Tumbling Waters campground (I recommend the latter). The trails at Tsali are not very technical although there is some good elevation. While Tsali may look close on the map, its a 2 hour drive from Brevard. I just read about the new trail in nearby Cherokee that looks promising. I’ll check that out next time I’m up there. On the other hand, Brevard is a cooler town and nicer area to vacation IMHO.

      If you’re staying in Brevard, definitely go with Dupont over Pisgah. There are some nice flow trails in Dupont -definitely hit Ridgeline. I will also second the earlier recommendation for Mayberry’s and suggest going for breakfast. I’ll even throw in a lunch recommendation at the Mexican restaurant next door to Sycamore Cycles (can’t remember the name), but the Chorizo chicken dish is perfect for an after-ride meal. If camping, go with Davidson River. April will be a great time to go!


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