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      Are disc brakes a must? I’m on a serious budget and I may not be able to afford a bike with disc brakes. What should I do?

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      i am riding a mongoose xr 75(120 bucks), its a full suspension bike but i took it out once and wore out the pads, chain popped off numerous times. I didnt mind the comment about the wally world bike because i only have it for riding with my pops, he didnt have anyone to ride with. But now i find myself becoming addicted to mtbing. I grew up in bmx so i know that a high quality bike from a shop is preffered but i dont have many options right now. Ive always been a fan of specialized coming from my bmx days but im always oped for suggestions.

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      And i thought i should let ya know that i’m pretty small, 5’10 and about 140 pounds. In relatively good shape other than my endurance.

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      Thanks for the help…hittin up a bike shop in bout an hour then riding the mongoose hopefully one of the last times. But i have no plans of upgrading the mongoose, like you said its just a waste of money. Try out the paved trails of umstead park, work on my endurance.

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      Disc brakes are not a must. I used caliper brakes for years on a rigid HardRock. I have since upgraded to a new bike with hydraulic disc brakes, and it is pretty awesome, but you can find nice bikes without disc brakes that won’t break the bank.

      If you are going extreme, you would probably want the disc brakes for more control, but if it is more casual, weekend warrior type stuff, then you’ll be fine.

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      I dunno Fleetwood…I have riding a long time, and I have to say if your bike can take a disk brake I say go for it…Nowadays specially seeing that the manufactures are changing up to different models and stores like Jenson, Wheelworld and Pricepoint are all blowing out brakes at such a discount I can’t see how you could go wrong. Besides I think that disks work so much better. For one thing if your wheel is warped it won’t effect braking. Also your wheelset lasts so much longer due to the fact that the pads won’t wear out the rim.

      I think the V-Brake / cantilevers are going to be reserved to the Big Box stores very soon. Or found on bikes less than $300.

      There are disk systems out there that very cheaply priced that you will find a decent set on bikes starting around $350

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      well i totally wore out the pads, front and back. Now i cant even ride at all. And i have no money to get a new bike at the moment. Just have to put ridin on hold i guess, which sucks. I dont see upgradin brakes on a cheap walmart mongoose, totally pointless.

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      Any LBS or an REI if you have one nearby will have good quality brake shoes for your V-Brakes for $15.00 or less.

      Like these

      On a related note, stop riding your brakes so hard!
      Seriously though, also check that they are adjusted properly and not dragging when you aren’t applying them.

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      They are adjusted correctly, no rubbing or anything, i did make sure of that.

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      My first Mtn. Bike well over 10 years old now is a MARIN Hawk Hill HT. It Had and Still has Rim breaks on it and does a pretty good job as a XC Bike. I have replaced the pads a few times but sone of that is Learning Break Management. You gotta let go! By the way when you DO get looking Marin does a nice job of scriming where they can to keep their quality up and their cost down. My HT was less than $500 and it is one of their better versions.

      By the way, Another good Online store is [url]

      Cheers, Welcome to the Addiction 😃 😃[/url]

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