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      So my old carbon Avid Elixir brakes are shot and I need to replace.  I have SRAM on this bike (XX shifters, XX1 cranks) and was leaning towards using the SRAM Guides but trying to stay under $200 (no rotors needed).  I have cheap a$$ Tektros on my hardtail and ironically they’re the best brakes I’ve ever used.  Thoughts on Tektro Auriga?  Should I “cross breed” and use Shimano XT?  I don’t do any serious downhill and don’t need anything crazy advanced.  Advice appreciated, thanks!

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      If you’re used to SRAM/Avid brakes, it’ll be a big change going to Shimano. They have a shit ton of power but essentially no modulation. Some people like that, I’m not one of them.

      I actually just tested a set of TRP (Tektro’s premium line) Slate brakes and they were great. Similar look and design to Shimano’s brakes, but the modulation of SRAM. Should be right around your price range too.

      TRP Slate T4 Brakes – Can They Compete with Shimano and SRAM?

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      Tektro Auriga brakes came with my Rockhopper.    It’s a hardtail so I don’t do any downhill and my trail riding is pretty tame, but even with that I noticed the brake fade was horrible.

      I ended up upgrading to Shimano SLX M7000 and love them.  The modulation, the reliability, and the look of course.   Glad I did it.

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      Those TRP’s look pretty nice!  I found the SRAM Level, looking at T or TL.  Thinking I’m going this route based on budget and the kind of riding I do.  4 piston calibers are prob boss but not much DH in Florida where I live.

      Anyone have experience with SRAM Level brakes?  They look new which scares me — I don’t like being a BETA tester.

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      I have the SRAM level on my fattie that I transferred from my FS. So far so good, the modulation is ok, well its on a fattie so its kinda pushed to its limits. I love the xt though, they’ re just as reliable as ever. I “cross breed” all the time.

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      sram xx0 nice. Have you looked at Hope. I have Hope on all our bikes for years. Bullet proof. Though considered expensive but all with CNC’ed loveliness. Not necessarily the most powerful brake apparently but lots of modulation. The race versions of the EvoE4 and X2 come with Ti bolts are one of the lightest in their class.

      Race Evo E4

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      I just ordered a set of Level TL for $170 front and rear — I’ll post up how they work out!

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