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      I just bought my first bike. I got a 2014 Raleigh Talus 4.0. I am 6 foot and most folks told me to get a 29er. I rode a Trek Marlin 6 and a Specialized Hardrock Sport Disc. They both felt like trying to turn a battleship to me. I found the Raleigh and rode it and what a difference. It feels way moe nimble and quicker to boot. The LBS I got it from has been here 40 years and the owner is retiring and selling to a new owner. He has his stuff marked down and I paid $439. I am really happy with the bike and I think I got a great bike for the price for a noob to mtb.

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      Congratulations! And don’t worry so much about the 29er craze, be more concerned with what feels good to you. I’m one of the few that agree with you on liking the nimbleness of a 26" wheel. I’ve ridden a couple high end 29ers and while they have some good points, they didn’t suit my riding, which is frequently is tight technical terrain. Enjoy the new bike!

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      The 29er was very smooth in a straight line but doing figure 8’s in the parking lot felt like it tok a mile to turn. When I rode the Raleigh I was circling around and between benches in tha park behindtbehindthe lbs with ease. I may not be the cool kid with the 29er but I love the Raleigh.

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