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      Hello all,

      I’ve got a bike I’ve not been using a lot for some while. I’d like to use it now as a loaner for visitors. Taking it out yesterday it was clear the front derailleur wasn’t shifting properly and I probably recall that was the case for a while.

      Looking at it, I reckon the reason is I replaced the bottom bracket a few years back and, as far as I can see, made a total mess of it. It looks to me that the bottom bracket is too wide, either my installation or just the wrong part.

      Clearly there’s not enough information there for a proper answer 🙂 So my meta question is what do I need to figure out before I can get a good answer? Or, how would I go about figuring what the correct bottom bracket is if just started from scratch?

      A more minor challenge is I was wondering if the do 1x on the front anyway and I’m now thinking I might just do that.

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      Just go 1x is the easy answer. Have you tried adjusting the limit settings to accomodate the new BB?

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      My memory is failing a bit, I must have messed with cable tension and the limit setting to get something working. It’s just I indexed the gears on my wifes bike yesterday and was happy with the result. So I went back to my Ghost that we wanted guests to use and realised what a mess it was.

      In the 4 years since I messed the BB up I probably learned a few things about how it all works and realised what a mess I’d made.

      I am very tempted to go 1x, on the basis that if I’m taking it apart I may as well 🙂

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      Going to 1x seems a better choice.

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      This will be an unsolved mystery 🙂

      I was already thinking about going 1x and fairly sure about it so it’s done now. In the course of doing that I had to strip everything off and I can’t see a specific problem, everything looks fine and I can’t see any actual problem with the BB which is 100% the correct one as I contacted Ghost to verify I’d not got the wrong one.

      Although it looked OK part-by-part, the derailleur position just wasn’t right at all, there’s no apparent damage though. Anyway, it’s history now 🙂

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