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      Hey there,

      I backpack as well and over the years gained a number of Naigene bottles. So my question is are there any bottle holders out there that will fit them. I have bought a Bell rubber strap bottle holder however it has already broken. Thanks for the help in advance!

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      I’m not aware of any bottle cages that will fit the standard Nalgene bottle. That of course doesn’t mean they don’t exist. I stick with a pack and hydration bladder when MTB riding and prefer the squeeze type bottles such as the Camelbak Podium bottles on my road bike. If I were going to use bottle cages on my MTB I would probably use the same.

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      Hi! I normally use a hydration pack only. But on the longer rides I use a Powerade bottle – fits into cage perfectly. Also, Salsa Anything cage comes on my mind. You can put literally anything in that one.

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