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      I’ll have 2-3 hours to ride at Bootleg Canyon, just outside Las Vegas, over Thanksgiving weekend. I’m looking for some game plan recommendations.

      I’m from Ft Collins, CO. I enjoy rocky/techy climbs and descents, but I’d also be happy to ride trails that show Bootleg’s best qualities – whatever they are. I can handle a 1500-1700 ft climb, to find the fun stuff.  I’m not a trials rider or a serious downhiller, but I can enjoy a challenge.

      I’ll be riding directly from All Mountain Cyclery, in Boulder City. I don’t think I’ll be there on one of the shuttle days, but I _might_ have some flexibility here.

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      Up Girl Scout to Skyline.  If you want to try some downhill, hit the hike-a-bike to the top and come down Armageddon to Snake Back.  Snake Back may cause a dismount or two and its the easier of the downhill runs.

      If you have time, head back up on East Leg and grab the loop on Caldera.  If you don’t have enough time for that, just do the IMBA loop.


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      Thanks John!

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