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      Over the summer I picked up gravel riding. I purchased a cx bike that in hindsight was the a size too large. I used some parts of that to build a monstercross(mc) gravel bike. Now I am looking to get a mtb as I am realizing I am riding more & more in conditions where 29×2.0 tires aren’t enough. I looked at all my options & for whatever reason, I’ve narrowed it down to Bombtrack(BT) line of mtb bikes. I will keep the mc as a 29x40mm mixed road machine as I just started doing casual pace group fun rides.

      So between the Beyond+ & Cale which is the better bike. I would be starting from a frame doing a slow budget build & both start around the same $700 price range. Both are 27.5+ or 29×2.4 bikes according to manufacture. I had bought some 29er xc i25 rims so the plan was to go 29×2.3/2.4 route. Not sure if I will go rigid or ht route, but the steel BT fork is more within my budget. If I stretch my budget a little the carbon MRP Rock solid is also an option, but that has a 44mm offset vs the 51mm offset BT suggests, which I am not sure how it changes handling & all that. Also, at the same price is the Beyond+ ADV, which is their 29+ bike but has a longer wheelbase & chainstay length if I remember correctly. Not sure if that would be the better choice if I am going 29er.

      Another option is my lbs that I would be getting the frames from told me that BT has a one or two left overstock of 2018 Beyond+ 1(steel fork) model that they can order for me for $1300+ tax. I prefer the faster rolling & lighter 29er wheels, but that is tempting as I think my build cost would come out similar(cause builds always come out more than expected).  Thank you.

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