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    Hi guys, I recently got a 2019 trek remedy 8. Awesome bike having lots of fun. I’m looking for a great set of knee and elbow pads. I like to ride aggressively, and pedal a lot. Mixed trails. What would be a good choice for something that gives great dh style protection big rocky hits but can be worn for all day pedaling comfort also?

    Thx heaps

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    I have both of the following, and have used them both on longer pedaling rides, depending how much protection I felt I needed for that ride. Unless I am on seriously rocky trails I tend to use the G-Forms. And I have the matching elbow pads.

    G-Form Pro-X Knee Pads

    Fox Launch Shorty Knee/Shin Guards

    I have forgotten I had them on with both pair and went to drive away. The Fox pads become immediately noticeable when you bang them into the steering wheel trying to get in the vehicle. I have actually driven away with the G-Forms on.

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    After washing out and getting 15 stitches on my right shin, I decided it was time for some knee/shin guards. I picked these up, because they were super cheap and offered good protection: Fox Launch Sport Knee Guard ($28). I also recently got the Fox Launch Pro D30 Elbow Guards ($100). I live and ride in Northwest Arkansas, and we have some pretty rocky trails here.

    The knee guards do the job, but tend to slip down. I’m much happier with the elbow guards, which stay in place better and look better. Both are comfortable though, and I don’t notice them much—especially the elbow guards. No crashes in either yet!


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