Bluetooth music AND heart rate monitor?

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      Anyone know how I might be able to hook up a heart rate monitor to an android phone, at the same time as playing Bluetooth music from the same phone? I can do one or the other via Bluetooth to Strava, but not both at the same time. I need my music, but I’m interested to see what my heart’s doing.


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      Most phones are single path communication so need to pose the question to the phone mfgr. to find the answer for your particular instrument.  I belive they just support one device at a time.

      Might be able to play music through wired headphone jack while using bluetooth for heat rate.

      Option 2. Use a bike computer like a Bryton. That supports cadence, heart rate and a couple other wireless devices. Speed is capped from satellite so no real need for a wheel sensor unless there is signal interference like dense forest or other obstacles blocking a clear view of the sky.


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      My garmin watch w/ built in heart rate is always hooked up to my phone via Bluetooth and I can listen to music at the same time.

      How old is your phone? Most modern phones can connect to multiple bluetooth devices at once. If yours can’t hook to multiple devices, your cheapest option might be to get a stand-alone HR chest strap + watch to mount on the handle bar (amazon has for around $20) and just use the phone for music

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      It seems to me that connecting multiple Bluetooth devices should be easy and without any problems. Unless your phone is too old.

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