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      Man, when I had my Gary Fisher Advanced, never had a flat. Not one. Owned the bike for one year, then got a GF Sugar. Then the flats started. Only had one on the Sugar, but didn’t get out that summer to ride r/t landscaping the yard. Now, have bought my Giant Reign 2, Just had it about 2.5 weeks and have had two flats. After the first flat, took it in and had thorn resistant tubes and (mylar?) tube protectors put in. Was out today on a great trail at Camp Horizon and heard a rush of air from the front tire. ANOTHER FLAT! The tires are Hutchison. Any suggestions from riders with more experience as to what the solution is?
      I’ve been told to carry a spare tube in case of flats, but I don’t want ANY flats. I just wanna ride.

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      Horizon is good trail. Kind of a mini turkey mtn.

      Anyway. I assume you presta valves? If so buy the Slime brand tubes that are already slime filled. That will solve the problem. They will be heavier than your regular tubes, if that is a concern.

      If your tubes have schrader valves just go buy a bottle of slime and pull the stem and the correct amount.

      Also, if you are pinch flatting add more air to the tires.

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      Hi Jeff
      Yes, they’re Presta. Took it in today and they warrantied the tube. It had failed at the base of the valve stem. Loaded the bike and took it to Osage Hills to ride. Unloaded and was pushing it up to the stone building to lean it against while I geared up and the front tire blew this time. Didn’t even get to plant my a** in the seat. Loaded up and back to the bike shop. Warrantied that one also. Another failure at the valve base. Running 40#. Went back to the standard tubes, still have the tube protectors in. Didn’t get to try them out though as it was getting late enough in the day had to get home. Plan on hitting Osage Hills this weekend though and will see what happens.
      What brand is the Presta slime filled? The didn’t have them at the LBS in B’ville. That’s why the ‘thorn resistant’ by Boulenger (?)
      Hope to make it back to Horizon soon and see what’s beyond that 2 mile point. Hopefully not another flat 😉

      Later, z

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      Dude, convert to tubeless, Stan’s is the way to go. will cost a little bit up front but save in the long haul. Stan’s them bad boys, cary a spare tube in the camel back just incase you run into somebody on the trail who needs it (and the freak chance you actually need one), keep a couple of co2’s in the camel back, run 34 lbs pressure, grip like hell and forget about those flats, just ride!

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      Follow this link. … ry_ID=5410

      These will work. The tire may go down slightly if punctured but will self heal. Happy riding,


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      Stans will be the answer, just do not follow the instructions, soap will kill the latex.

      Use a little of the latex to get the strip the lay even, stick one side of the tire on. fill with what ever oz’s you are using, put the other side of tire on. Then spin the tire with out air, leaning one it to side the then the other, to get some latex on the bead.

      Air it up to about 30 psi, start shaking it up and down like you are beating a taco out of it. where ever you see bubbles needs latex splashed on it from the inside.

      Let it set till the next day it will lose some air, No worrys just air and go. Some tires bleed down a little every couple of rides. It has been the best bike money I have spent

      Riding is life all else is waiting

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