Blanket’s Creek reroutes

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      Blanket’s Creek has had some work done recently that rerouted the switchback known as Dragon’s Tail into a full throttle sweeper. This is the section after the first bench when riding clockwise. It’s added a few hundred yards to the trail, taken a lot of roots out of play, smoothed the section, and made it whole lot more fun.

      I always thought that Blanket’s was missing some good ol’ fashioned speedy sweepy downhills, and that has been fixed. Instead of bouncing your way down the side of hill over roots and rocks and washed out gullys, you can now zip down a clay path that has banked turns and fast straights.

      I like the improvements. It’s one of those sections that makes the tough gnarley sections worth it.

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      I road Blanket Creek yesterday. This course is great, but they need to do some fill in. With all the rain we have had recently, it is getting really washed out. I busted my ass in run off rut that I could not get out of.

      Over all a great rack though.

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      I agree. I’m going out there tomorrow and I hope the last 2 days of rain haven’t made it worse. They have a work party planned for Saturday, but I think it’s only to work on the new North Loop.

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