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      While I realize this may open a can of worms, and that is not the intent, I was wondering how many people bike with their canines.

      Comet is a 1 1/2 year old weimaraner. He is for the most part my biking partner. Being a professional with two small kids, I needed a partner who is ready to go when I am. He will run all day and not complain. Being what he is, he can keep up no matter the pace… 0-25 mph, 3 milers to 10 milers, long bombing downhills to billy-goat climbs… He is game for whatever. He knows when it is time to ride. He see’s me loading the dog crate and bike, and he knows it is go time. He can’t wait to get on the trail. Most of the time he will run right on my rear tire. Other times the he will run ahead but never gets out of eye sight. He will stop and wait at a corner if he thinks he is going to leave me behind, especially on hill climbs.

      I started working with him when he was a few months old. First walking him leashed on the trail with me. Then I went to walking and running with him off the leash. By July of last year he was full go.

      Now, I don’t take him everywhere. I take him places that are dog friendly. I realize that not everybody or every trail system likes dogs. One place I ride has a dog park in the park with the trails, so you are always encountering unleashed dogs and people there are understanding. I also have another set of trails I go to on recreational land owned by TVA that allows for off-leash pets, if they are trained to voice command. If he has to pooh, and he stops to do it… I always bury it off trail, as I realize and know running over a pile in the middle of the trail is no fun!

      Anyhow, just wondering who else out there gets their four legged friends on the trail with them?

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      I take my pup on almost every ride. Check out some of my photos and the fun we’ve had.

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      I’ve seen a couple guys on this forum go batshit over people with their pups but even though I don’t ride with one, it puts a smile on my face every time I see one on the trail. They’re as happy as we all should be when we’re on the trail.

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      Take my English Pointer mix a lot. She’s 9 now so the rides are shorter. Adopted her when at first glance at the Humaine Society I said, "Now there’s a dog that can run." She got on my wheel from the first pedal stroke. All my dogs over my MTB years have hit the trails. Hiking before that. Still can’t beat Shelby on a sprint.

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      This is Comet after a good 6 miler late last year. Grinning ear to ear. Dude likes to run.


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      My last two dogs were a Bull Mastiff and English Bulldog, so I don’t take them with me, but a well trained trail dog would be awesome.

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