Biking the Colorado Trail

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      So a buddy and I are going to thru bike the trail sometime between late July and early sept. I was wondering if anyone else has done the thru-bike. Our plan… which is completely still up in the air is to go from Denver to Durango, in 9 or so days? Not sure how to go about planning this fun expedition! We want to make it as simple as possible, camp, one or two re-rations, carry are own gear, ect. Any input would be greatly appreciated!


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      See recent thread for some info which may or may not be helpful.


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      "skibum" wrote

      See recent thread for some info which may or may not be helpful.


      Yeah saw this, it really didnt help. they are staying in motels were doing ultra light camping. no biggie, Just hoping a few people here have done it but it looks like thats not the case!
      Does anyone know any good lightweight fork or handlebar bags that would fit a full suspension bike??

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      Yeah, I knew it wouldn’t do you much good with the logistics involved, just though it might be helpful with how to break up the ride and how many days to take.

      I know this has been discussed multiple times in the Colorado Forum over on Give your query a run there and see what you can find out.

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      cool thanks man!

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      Some pretty good Bikepacking The Colorado Trail info on this blog:


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      Hey GimmeAraise did you guys end up biking the trail this summer? If so, how did it go? Some friends and I are talking about biking the trail next summer (2013). Any advice you could provide would be awesome!

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      Yes we did in late August and…….It was amazing! Keep your eyes Peeled for a Article within the next few week on the homepage! The write up has a link to pictures and a summary of every day! I’m not much of a writer so if something doesn’t make sense just PM me!

      We did it in exactly 10 days! good to see you starting to plan early, that’s key as its not cheap to get proper bikepacking stuff! That would be the first thing, get packs that are secure to you bike I did but my partner did not and it was such a hassle for him!

      I’m planning on doing the CTR this year so the subject will be on my mind, what specific questions do you have?

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