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      Hello! I am an Industrial design student and I am looking for feedback from the biking community. I am researching the design opportunities and possibilities of a new type of camera bag for your bike. I have created a survey with 10 questions and it would really help me out if you followed the link below!

      I have been a mountian/bikepacker for a number of years and have always struggled with feeling comfortable bringing my dslr camera on my rides. With this project I am hoping to find a way to help bikers incorporate their photography passion/hobby.

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      I took your questionnaire.  But the last section asking to prioritize where on a bike to mount a frame type of bag… I (personally) would never load my DSLR’s in a bag mounted to a frame.  Just way too much vibration and bouncing around for my comfort level.  Just too many delicate and precise moving parts in a DSLR and lenses.  I have ridden with my cameras in a backpack, where I know my body buffers a lot of vibration.

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      Done. I feel like the top tube is a pretty safe area if the bag were designed well. Usually in a crash, the top tube – at least close to the cock pit is rarely impacted in a crash.

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      Thank you all for the responses that I have gotten thus far! This bike bag will be focused on negating vibration and water damage to DSLR cameras. The survey is still open and if you bike with a camera I am still collecting input!

      In the following months once this product is developed I plan on posting the results back to this forum.

      If you have any additional comments or questions don’t hesitate to PM me.

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      I agree with FredCook. I’d feel much better about carrying it in a backpack rather than on the bike.

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      Hello to all. He needs it, right now I’m going to go to the mountains and I want to take an action camera with me. I think about such variants of Sony or Gopro( and I don’t know what to choose. They say the cold in many cameras quickly discharged battery. Help with a choice
      thank you in advance

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      I took the survey! I ride with a DSLR very often, in fact sometimes two. Personally I would not ever carry a DSRL on my the bike unless I was doing a road/gravel tour. I prefer dedicated camera bags. I use the Evoc 18L Photo Scout and F-Stop Gear Satori 70L bags for that. That being said, I think there is still room to improve on those bags. I have probably been through at least ten different camera bags before settling on the F-Stop Gear and Evoc bags.


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