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      Hey, I am an experienced rider who enjoys doing XC trails. Im looking to find a group of people to go biking with. I do the fanshawe lake trail at least once a week, and would like to go to kitchener more often to hydrocut and any other trails within a reasonable distance of the city.

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      Hey Nick, welcome to Singletracks!

      I live in TO but I spend a fair bit of time riding west of the GTA at Hydrocut, Kelso and Hilton. Rockcliffe and Fanshawe are on my ride list over the next couple of weeks too.

      I sometimes ride with the guys from Defiant MTB [url:1d7x6f5h][/url:1d7x6f5h]. Very friendly and casual group with a mixture recreational and more advanced riders. There’s normally at least one group ride a week somewhere out towards you.

      See you on the trails!

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      "This may be a little too far east for you, but you should check out the central counties <; site. They have some great mountain biking trails listed that you can search for using the map feature. Really easy to use.
      Hope it’s helpful!"

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