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      Hi, I’m new to the forum and I was wondering if anyone listens to music while they ride. If so, whats some of your favorite songs to ride to?

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      my playlist is a mix of A Day to Remember, Slightly Stoopid, Chiodos, Chicago, Deftones, Four Year Strong, Muse, Nirvana, Taking Back Sunday, 311, Stevie Wonder, and some DMB.

      try to mix in heavy stuff to help hammer stuff out and slower, mellow stuff for recovery spins. just what I like to jam to.

      Same mix for when I run too.

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      only when road riding. can not hear faster riders coming from behind. dont want to slow nobody down on their ride. i like keeping my eyes forward when im shredding a trail. road ride music consists of late 60’s and early 70’s hard rock. sabbath, dio, zztop,zeppelin ect. and cranked up,(dont wanna know whats coming from behind 😉 )

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      See post on earbuds when riding. 😬 Later,

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      "fat_billy" wrote

      See post on earbuds when riding. 😬 Later,


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      in all the yrs. i have been road riding i still cant tell when you hear a car coming from behind if it is 6 inches away or 4 feet away when it passes me. every vehichle still sounds the same from behind. and you really cant keep looking behind to see whats coming cause that is when you will steer out into traffic and get hit. i never look back untill i am ready to turn left. plus i never ride in heavy traffic, sooner or later you will get hit. i also think that if your riding on the road you will never know that you are about to get ran over unless you are turned around and see it coming. so to me there is no since in worrying about it. now back to MTBING. 😃

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