Biking from -282ft to 14,252ft in a day

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      While not technically mountain biking, this looks like a pretty amazing adventure!

      The unsupported trip covered 192 miles and some pretty extreme temperature swings as the riders traveled from Badwater Basin to White Mountain Peak in California. Mountain bikes would probably be overkill for this ride, and clearly a road bike wouldn’t work either.

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      Pretty frekkin’ awesome!….would love to do something like that (but over the course of 3 days).

      Thanks for sharing.

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      This was interesting but triggered a debate between my friend and I about if dropping caches along the way could still be considered unsupported. My point was how is that different than a car trailing you and giving you food and water? Either way you are not bringing with you or gathering from the environment the materials required to complete the ride. Thoughts?

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      People who thru hike the Appalachian trail “unsupported” generally rely on mailing supplies to themselves ahead of time. And they often hitch rides into town to resupply; as long as they return to the spot on the trail where the got off, the thru hike is still considered valid.

      Bikepacking races, on the other hand, are considered individual time trials (ITT) where racers aren’t allowed outside assistance that’s not available to all riders. For these races I’m pretty sure caches aren’t allowed, unless they are made available to everyone (trail magic.)

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        Hmmm, that adds a couple interesting data points. The article I originally read had some questions to the film maker where they made a big deal about doing it unsupported. It seems the term is used a bit ambiguously.

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      That was a sweet video. This is the reason I am building the bike I am. To explore and ride different terrain than my local MTB trails. I have all sorts of forest service roads, long winding gravel roads mixed with pavement and remote beautiful places to ride.

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