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      I’m currently developing two smart devices for theft prevention and would like to hear your thoughts about them.

      BikeTrac [[url:426zxc1q][/url:426zxc1q]]
      Hidden GPS tracker connected to your phone. Mounted in the head of the fork, uses data network and Bluetooth 4.0.

      BikeKlax [[url:426zxc1q][/url:426zxc1q]]
      Smart alarm sensitive to movement and sending a notification to bike owner. Mounted under the saddle, uses only Bluetooth 4.0 on a short range.

      Please visit both microsites for more details.

      Could you please tell me your first impression when visiting both landing pages? Is any of those devices solving your current problem? Which one fits your needs better?

      Thanks for your time and opinions, really looking forward to the discussion here at Singletracks.

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      I have a glock 26 that is perfectly engineered to deliver a sobering and decision reversing effect on any would be mountain bike thief.

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