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      About to pull the trigger on a Motobecane bike from Bikesdirect, but seems too good to be true.  It’s half price, how is that possible?

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      Is that the fat tire you were inquiring about the other day?

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      No, decided to hold off because you can get a new one from Bikesdirect for just a few bucks more????

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      I have purchased multiple bikes from them.  All good deals for the price.  The higher up in price you go, the less compromises you make, but still costs less than something similar from the big name brands.  Just be prepared for the same on selling used.  People want to pay for the brand name both new and used in order to pay more.

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      Half of what price? 🙂

      Bikes Direct only sells their own house brands, which means there isn’t an actual retail price, other than their own. From what I’ve seen, they do tend to inflate the MSRPs they list on the bikes they sell. That being said, their bikes are still a lot cheaper than true name brand bikes.

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      They were selling Motobecane, didn’t think they owned them?  Half the price of what was listed on the Motobecane website.

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      AFAIK, no one other than Bikes Direct sells Motobecane, at least not in the USA. It was an old French brand that went bankrupt in the 1980s. Wikipedia says Yamaha bought them out, and now it’s a Taiwanese company.

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      Not sure if they own them or not, but in general Motobecane are decent bikes for the price. My son has one, he only rides occasionally and it is great for him. The biggest turn off is you have to do some assembly and tuning or take it in to a shop. That wouldn’t have been a problem for me, as I do almost all my own wrenching. But oddly I live in one of the very few places where Bikes Direct has an actual store, so we were able to test ride before ordering and they assembled it for us.

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        I live in one of the very few places where Bikes Direct has an actual store

        Jacksonville, FL? That’s where the company is based. I’ve heard they may have another store in TX, but they don’t advertise it. Or maybe they do, but their website is horrible to navigate. 🙂

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        I have not been to their Jax store, but my son is attending UNF and is only 5 minutes away. Is their brick and mortar store similar to their website, i.e., are there a number of different models to look at in person?

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      Thanks, that was a lot of help.

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      i have a H427 from BD. I upgraded some components and the tires but im well over 4000 miles on it and its been great. Highly recommend

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      The tag on the Motobecanes that we have says made in China, as are most bikes. Bikes Direct does have a warehouse in Texas also. I bought a Huffy aluminum frame FS from Wally world for under $200. and it has the same frame as a Giant and all the original components were the same as the  Motobecanes has from BD. But whether Wally or BD, expect to be upgrading components at some point in time. You’re really just buying a frame to build on. I’m talking the under $600. bikes from BD. I’ve never researched the more expensive or custom builds as they’re out of my price range.

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      At JensonUsa they have many bikes that are 1 year old but brand new that go for 30-70% discounts….check them out

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