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      Hey guys! I just realized I never posted these videos here. Not sure if you guys care or not but this is BikeRepublic Solden in Austria. This place was insane since it was my first alpine bike park. There are 5 videos, the first 3 are pretty okay but the 4th and 5th video are crazy (IMO, lol).

      Eebme Line Ohn Line Teare Line (if you like cows, watch this) Harbe Line (jaw dropping views) Gahe Line (their jump line)


      My GoPro died when I was 3/4 of the way drop on the Gahe line, right before the best jumps, oh well. BikeRepublic Solden was amazing. The only thing that I wish they did better was the berms, not the best however the views and cows made up for it. Speaking of cows there was a BUNCH. Really it was insane, hundreds if not thousands of cows. I only had 5 hours to ride in the park unfortunately. The lack of planning on my part cost me a full day and a half of riding. Oh well, 5 hours is better than none. I might go ride in Saalbach-Hinterglemm this month, if so I plan on bringing my GoPro again and hopefully get some more videos up. If not, I am leaving Germany in November and will be going to Washington St next. So.. you know.. the PNW.. no big deal.


      Also, all of this riding was done on my Trek Roscoe 8 with my GoPro 7 Black chin mounted.

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