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      Really looking forward to doing my first Bikepack trip of the Colorado Trail this summer.  Going to do the trail from Molas pass near Silverton down to Durango.  Taking 2 nights / 3 days to do it so I shouldn’t be in a rush, want to enjoy the scenery. Been a bucket list trip of mine for a while, hope to do the whole trail in segments prior to, you know kicking the bucket.  First bikepacking trip in high alpine so really looking forward / dreading the killer hike a bikes involved.  If anybody has tips or advice about these segments 25 thru 28 I would love to hear them!

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      This is a great section and should be a beautiful trip!

      I’ve ridden both ends of this route, though not the bits in the middle. From Molas Pass the climb is kind of a bear, but just take your time and enjoy the scenery. 🙂  At the other end, toward Durango, it’s all downhill, but that’s really only the last couple of miles. In between, as I’m sure you know, there will be a good bit of climbing.

      Try to hit the high alpine sections early in the day to avoid afternoon thunderstorms and plan to camp down low. I know the first segment generally has decent opportunities to fill up on water so you shouldn’t need to haul a ton of it up the mountain, though that could change depending on conditions.

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      I live in town Durango and I’ve got 4 feet deep snow at my house. We’ve been getting hammered by snow this season which makes me think that the melt-out won’t happen until July. I wouldn’t plan a trip for early summer.

      If your coming from low elevation give yourself a couple of days to acclimate to the thin air at high elevations before you ride. You don’t want to get altitude sickness.

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      Thanks for the tips guys!

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