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      I’ve always been one to keep my bike clean.  As expensive as these things are I like to take care of it and keep it looking new. Quite often I hear people talk about how washing can be bad for a bike.  Just last weekend at a demo day the mechanic told me that washing my bike will get water into the sealed bearings. Really?  Aren’t they sealed?  If water can get in, how come the grease isn’t getting out?  He told me to just wipe my bike down.  I’ve been in the auto body business for a couple of decades and I know what things look like if you just wipe them down.  Keep in mind, I don’t use high pressure water.  Just a garden hose.  I soap it up, rinse it off and use light air to blow the standing water off.  The air nozzle stays a foot or more away to avoid air pressure intrusion into crevasses.  Then when done I towell  dry the rest and lube necessary parts (chain, cable and such).  I’ve always figuredo that having my hands on the bike help me notice anything that is wearing out or damaged. I have found a few of those things along the way.

      What’s your opinion?

      Wash or wipe down or ride dirty?

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      Wash. Literally everything Ive ever heard or read says to wash. Not washing can hurt. Sounds like youre doing everything right. Just no high pressure water on the fork seals or shock seals. As far as bearings go, Id think it would depend on the kind and if washing could damage them, they sound pretty crappy to begin with. Its a replaceable part anyways. Wont last forever. Ive been wrong before though. If I am, someone correct me. The Global Mtn Bike Network on youtube suggests doing exactly what youre doing to prolong the bike. Judging by how they ride, Id say the guy you talked to doesnt know what hes talking about.

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      Either extreme can damage parts. everything in between is just dandy.

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      You are doing it right.  Everything I’ve been told says to wash the bike often and keep pressurized water away from the rear hub and suspension seals.  Also, be careful if you use a spray lube to not get any on the brake discs as it will pollute the pads and may cause brake failure.

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