Bike was run over, adjuster refuses to pay due to no receip

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      Hey guys, I’m new here. I wanted to ask help from you guys as far as what I could do with my issue.

      On the 27th of October, I was hit by a vehicle and my bike was run over, I was able to jump off so I don’t have major injuries just pain in my knee.

      The person who hit me was in a work vehicle and so I submitted pictures of my bike both brand new and after the accident. The adjuster says they can’t move forward with the case unless I provide receipts.

      I bought the bike in San Francisco at a fair in Berkley University for 2,500. I don’t have a receipt or anything. I bought the bike in may brand new from a student selling at the fair.

      Do you guys know what I could do or am I screwed?

      I don’t understand why I have to provide receipts if I have pictures proving that the bike is mine, their driver admitted fault and that he hit me…. So annoying

      If anyone had suggestions they would be greatly appreciated

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      Insurance companies do this all the time, you need to get firm with them. You do not need a receipt to prove worth. It is the responsibility of the insurance company to replace your damaged property in a form they refer to as "Like for Like". Get a local bike shop to quote you for a bike of a simular make, model and year. The insurance company thinks if they make it hard on you, you’ll settle for less, don’t take their crap. Start nice, but firm and escalate as needed, but get this handled in one phone call. Do not tolerate their stall tactics. Have a fax machine or a computer to email as you have them on the phone and demand proof of reciept of your quote. Get everything in writing and take notes of names , dates, and what was said on every phone call. Give them a time deadline of 24-48hrs to have this approved and a check cut. Play hardball! Let them know that if they continue to delay, you will simply get representation. Put a price on any delay past the dead line you set. Good luck, you should win this situation, they are not being honest with you.

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      And, go see a doctor and send them the bill!!!!

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      Thank you for the reply. I am trying to research my response before I do. I am very frustrated with them because I have supplied them with irrefutable proof that the bike is new and mine. The pictures are of great quality and show the bike perfectly. I had a weekend ride planned for that weekend, I was hit on a Friday, and also injured. I had to keep my knee iced for those two days and still feel pain now and have to ice it as well and I was hoping I could just get this all settled quickly but apparently that is not the case. Grr these guys are jerk.

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      Shoot me a private message with your number and I’ll walk you through it. This shouldn’t be a big problem to over come. Start by getting a quote from your lbs. I deal with insurance companies all the time- part of the job. What state are you in? Who is the insurance company? Put answer in private message not public forum.

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      Sounds like a situation I was in. I got hit, which messed up my bike and tweaked my back. I basically flew over the hood of the car and landed on my head on the pavement (explains a lot, I know…). They paid me for the damage to the bike, but they didn’t want to replace my ($150) helmet! I had to get firm with them and say "look, if I didn’t have it on, i would have been seriously hurt, and helmets are only good for one shot like that!" After some arguing, they finally paid for my helmet. The point of the story is that insurance companies will always try to get out of paying first, but after you show you’re not going away, they will settle with you, especially when they realize it is best to just pay for the damage then having to go to court. Especially when it is their customers fault…

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