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      I considered putting something together like this for my bikes, but apparently it’s not very secure.

      How do you secure your mountain bikes at home?

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      Primarily by living in an area with practically no theft.  In 15 years of unlocked houses and cars, we’ve never had a thing stolen.

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      I keep my bikes in the garage or basement. When I didn’t have a garage or basement, I kept my bikes in the house. Never, never, never outside! I’ve had bikes stolen. Besides, bikes get trashed by being left out in the weather.

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      Mine stay in my basement.  When on the car rack while traveling I chain them with a Kryptonite Fuhgettaboutit chain and lock.  All you can really do is make sure they are insured….

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      It is amazing to me what people will steal. I was keeping my bikes unsecured in a shared garage 2 years ago. 1) a mid-90s Rockhopper with “no” brakes, broken seat rail and 3 working gear combinations (out of 18) and 2) a boy’s and a girl’s Target 20″ beginner bikes. The Rockhopper and the boy’s bike were both stolen but the girl’s bike plus 2 1/2 other junk bikes were not touched. About a year later, I was bike-less and strapped for cash and bought a $130 Wal-goose. I rode it to work a couple times and hit four different trails with it. After the fourth trail, the seat rails were bent and one of the cranks fell off. I frustratedly and hastily locked the bike to a post in the garage. Eventually, we noticed that the bike <span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>and</span> the lock were gone.

      All of these bikes were at the end of their useful life. Kids grow and some bikes aren’t worth fixing. Though I still miss the Rockhopper (I would have done something with that one). It is still such a violation to have your property stolen.

      We have bought decent bikes since then and they are walked up to our second floor apartment every time they are used now. Very rarely, I have a bike disassembled and locked in the trunk of my car.

      Follow up question: ever ride a bike with a broken seat? I have ridden three different bikes with seats in various levels of disrepair and it is horrible.

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      Bikes are stored in the Garage.  The overhead doors to which, by the way, have no outside handles or access to locks.  When we’re away, door openers are disabled and overheads are locked from the inside so the trick using a coat hanger to disengage the safety release doesn’t work.  Alarm system sensors on every opening.  Overkill since we live in a low crime area, but it was part of the deal when we build the house.  I do display warning signs…   “The owner of this property is armed, and trained in the use of those arms.  There is nothing inside worth risking your life for”.  More of a conversation piece than anything.

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      If I am not riding my bike, it is in a secure building. I never had much of a theft problem but, I do know that bikes last much longer when stored in a temperature controlled storage area.

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      Think I’m the outlier.  I keep my bike in my SUV for two reasons.  First, I travel pretty much every week.  But the main reason is that if I get an opportunity to ride I’ve got the bike with me (always keep a set of riding clothes with me as well).  Maybe I’ve just been lucky but with the rear windows tinted you can’t really see what’s in the back.

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      Lock it up even in the garage or house with one of these: Kryptonite New York Chain Bicycle Lock. Chain it through the fork and frame to something that does not move.

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      My previous bike was stolen from a backyard. And the police can’t still find a criminal. I asked my parents to care about our home security. If it is possible to steal a fastened bike, it is also possible to break into a house. My parents are always at work, so I had to stay home alone. But now we have a professional home security system from the Ajax brand! All the family members can monitor the house using a phone application that makes our life easier! We put a camera and motion sensors in the backyard. Maybe we’ll catch that criminal.

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      I take my bikes to bed with me.

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