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      I’m only comfortable riding an orange bike..have 3 now and will buy an orange fatty for this coming winter

      Not sure when or how this happened but it’s a thing

      Anyone else want to confess to their inner bike weirdnesses?


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      Is it a comfort thing or a preference? I prefer black.  My bike came in black but with a purple stripe… I don’t love the stripe, but I’ll manage.  The other options were red and blue, black was better.

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      All my bikes have my brother’s name on the top tube where I can see it when I ride. He passed away 2 years ago. We used to meet out in Arizona and ride in the desert there every year. He helped start the cyclist’s union in Boston, helped found Bikes Not Bombs, was a real active cyclist all his life. So if anyone sees my bikes, they call me by my brother’s name 😉

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        Damn man, where did you hide the bowl of onion in my room?


        Sorry to hear that but that’s a great way to always remember him.

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      I always seem to ride red bikes with yellow pedals. It started with my red 94 Jamis Durango when I found yellow Ritchey clipless pedals to go with the yellow graphics. I replaced the Durango with a Jamis Dragon (any color you like, as long as it was red) with the first gen Time ATAC Ti pedals (again available in any color you wanted as long as you like yellow). I took an extended hiatus from riding and when I returned I bought a red hardtail (2015 Charge Cooker 3)and round a too-good-to-pass deal on, yellow ATAC XC6 pedals. A couple years ago I sought-out the yellow ATAC MX6 to match the decals on my fatbike, only to put the pedals on my, you guessed it, red and black YT Jeffsy…

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      More of a biking superstition than a bike superstition, but I count the number of Red-Tailed Hawks that I see on my drive to the trailhead. They perch on trees, light posts and road signs and I tell myself that they are watching over me. The more hawks that I see, the better my ride will be. I’ve seen as many as ten on my 25 minute ride.

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      Not so sure if mine is superstition or fit for adventure testing but, the first thing I always do when mount my bike is a track stand and time the duration. If I go over a minute, I consider myself worthy for the trails for the day.

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