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      Help! Trekked here from Phoenix to enjoy the Sea Otter Festivities and my bike was stolen right out of campsite in 10 minutes. Anyway, if anyone can help, has ideas, or can be on the lookout for a 2019 Specialized Stumpjumper FSR Expert Carbon XL. It is blue/grey with Red accents. Mostly stock but some noticeable additions that I won’t mention in case thief is reading this. Please PM me or respond to this, but please be patient as their is poor connections at Sea Otter site. In Phoenix we have a Facebook site, “Stevebay” where people sell bike stuff. Anything similar in this area. Going to watch Craigslist as well but only here until Sunday afternoon. Thanks in advance.

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      That really blows – sorry to hear it.

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      Dang.  So sorry fbear.  Terrible.  I hope you get a break/lead on who stole it.

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      Oh, man, did you manage to find your bike? That’s actually bad, and as I know, it happens pretty often. Even if you have a good lock or something like that.

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      That’s true, people stealing other people’s bikes quite often, and I can tell you that one time, I even helped a guy to find a thief. He just got into the footage of my motioncam, that’s a detector from ajax security systems, and this guy just asked me about the bike that he parked near my place, So I think you could ask some nearby places about them having surveillance cameras or something like that, and it could help you find your bike.

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      ScottyP hits it outta the park! Good call, Scotty…

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