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      I am travelling from Denmark to stay in Miami/Florida the coming weeks. I would much appreciate any input on;
      * The coolest bike shops in Miami/Florida area. I am looking to buy some gear and maybe a full bike like an s-works epic or stumpjumper XX1 or cervelo s5
      * Best place to rent quality road bikes and MTBs in Miami
      * How to possibly meet up with some of you locals to join club rides around Miami. I am an elite level rider on the road and pretty decent on cross country.
      * And finally since I am considering renting an American car to have a non-european driving experience :-) Any chance of fitting my bike case ( … Ktvzy.dpbs) into a Dodge Charger (I will be travelling alone and thus are able to take the back seats down).


      Brgds. Niels

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      Check out Alex’s bike shop in Davie Fl. It’s a bit north of Miami, but very near Markham park if you want to do some riding. Feel free to send me a private message if you’d like more info or would like to join us on a ride. I have an office in Miami and ride trails around there on weekdays but live outside if Ft. Lauderdale and ride that area on weekends.

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