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      Hello guys, just want to know your what you think of this.

      my back rim was a bit bent, so I brought it to the bike shop to get it balanced, i told the guy if he could check the chain, and possibly give it a cleanup.

      so they called me saying that my tire was ripped, if I wanted to replace it, so I gave them the go.

      when i picked the bike I noticed they did not clean it, so ok maybe they do not do that, then the bike was still unbalanced, and they did not change the tire.

      so I went back to ask why the rim was not fixed, they said they cant do miracles.

      now my complain is, who would like to ride an unbalanced bike, why didn’t they propose a new rim if my current one is in fact unfixable?

      and also apparently they didn’t change the tire because they didn’t have the same brand, but also this is something I had to go back and ask, they didn’t tell me anything when I went to get the bike.

      so am I wrong being upset about the service?

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      Unacceptable, find another shop. Things could have been fixed or replaced easily, I’m sure.

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      thanks GJmtb the rim is just a bit unbalanced, I don’t see why they could not repair it, it seems like they did nothing and charged me for the job.

      I contacted them via FB cause they have 3 locations, and explained the problem, they asked me to bring it to a different location to take a look, but the guy never mentioned that they will take care of the issue, seems like he suggested I need to bring it back again and pay a second time.

      he never said ask for this person he will know it is you or something like that.

      then I explained the person that I didn’t want to be difficult but if he was me, would he give more business to the shop?

      they just never replied, at this point I’m just venting cause ill never go back to that place again.


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      These will be the guys that say their shop is struggling because the internet.  That type of service (and the resultant frustration) has resulted in me becoming a pretty proficient mechanic.

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      There are definitely good and bad bike shops out there.  You pay a lot of money at a LBS, which I do not have a problem with, but you should get outstanding service with unhurried and thorough explanations.  For the bad shops, I would recommend that you give them a rating here on ST and never go back.  For the good ones, be courteous, give them some latitude at times when they need it (their job is not easy and their margins are tight), become their friend, appreciate them regularly, and give them a good rating here.

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      Sounds like a bad shop. Find a new one. Shop should talk you through what they can do and can’t. If there is change in the agreement after you leave there should have been a phone call. Treat it like your car.

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      First, know that many shops will not clean your bike without you asking (and paying) for it. As it relates to the rim, when you say it’s “unbalanced” it’s not clear to me if it’s out-of-true or dinged/bent (or both). If it needed to be trued they should have done that, but if it’s dinged/bent most bike shops won’t touch it (it’s a liability issue). Plus, depending on the degree of damage you can probably still ride it without issues. I’ve ridden over 200 miles since I noticed a crack in my rear AL rim and it hasn’t yet gotten any worse (yet). With all that said, the fact that they didn’t replace the tire (brand is irrelevant) nor communicate any of this to you is unacceptable. Did they charge you? While bikes shops today are completely inundated due to the explosion in riders over the last few months there is absolutely no excuse for the lack of communication.

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