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      I am changing from clipless to flats.
      I read this great post (link below) on how to keep the feet on the pedals and then I started wondering about the bikes setup of the stem and the handlebar.
      Is there any hints and recommendations on the stem length, handlebar (riser or not) etc?

      I ride singletrack/XC.

      Any experiences and thoughts on this?

      Thanks in advance.


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      There’s a proper riding position and cockpit regardless of whether you’re riding clipless or flats. If it causes you problems when riding flats, it’s not that it was right while riding clipless, you just didn’t notice since your feet were attached to the pedals.

      The only thing I’ve heard or read being different between the two is that some people ride with their arch above the axle instead of the ball of your foot. Personally, I found that impossible when riding xc, due to the pain it caused miles in. I ride with the ball of the foot over the axle, regardless of the pedal.

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