Bike seat won’t stay tight.


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      About a week ago I went riding with a group from DORBA. At one section of the trail there was a little playground of jumps, ramps, teeter totters, etc. I went off the bigger jump (maybe a 5ft drop max) and came down hard on my seat (dumb first mistake) and it loosened. Tightened it back up with an allen wrench, thought I had cracked the spline(s) but they were fine…

      Just got back from the Wee-Chi-Tah trail and the seat had loosened up again, after I tightened it yesterday.

      The splines dont appear to be cracked and I don’t know why the seat won’t stay tight. Its an allen bolt to tighten it…


      Oh and it’s a Giant Boulder SE brand spanking new (hardtail).

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      What about trying a quick release seat clamp?

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      im not sure whats actually slipping but it sounds like your talking about the seat sliding forward or back after you tighten the seat rail clamp down, if thats the case you could try to put some Loctite 242 on the seat rails and that might remedy the sliding issue, also it wouldnt hurt to put some Loctite on the seat rail clamp bolt to make sure it dosent loosen up if thats one of the issues your having, but if its the actual post sliding down you might just need to get a new seat post clamp.

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      Right, the seat is sliding back and forth, and then it loosens the clamps…

      Are you saying put loctite on the allen bolt itself or the clamps?

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      "USAFbiker" wrote

      Right, the seat is sliding back and forth, and then it loosens the clamps…

      Are you saying put loctite on the allen bolt itself or the clamps?

      put the Loctite on the threads of the hex bolt first and see if that solves your problem, if it dosent solve the problem then put the Loctite on the actual seat rails where the clamp, clamps down on them.

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      I will…I took it in to get that looked at and a slime tube put in my back tire…looks like i bent the seat rail when I came down. If it keeps getting worse, I’ll try the loctite and if that doesn’t work, probably get a new seat post b/c the grooves on this one are already wearing off.

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      I ended up ordering a new seatpost since I lost the top part of the seatpost assembly that holds the seat down tight.

      The seatpost I got was angled so bad, it felt like I was playing for the other team while I was riding, so that didn’t work out.

      Took it back and got one that works, just traded it out at the shop (props to bicyclesplus in flower mound texas) and it has two bolts for adjustment which is quite nice.

      Cept now the seat clamp is a little loose and the post rotates from side to side.

      Do I need a special tool to fix this or just some pliers?

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      if your talking about where the seatpost goes into the seat tube, youll just need to tighten the seat tube clamp down a little, it should work just like the quick release on your wheels, unless its a bolt on clamp, if you tighten it down and it still dosent work than your new seatpost is the wrong diameter in size and youll need to get a new seatpost or a shim.

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      Are the rails on the saddle bent? When I had bent rails my saddle always became loose. New saddle problem solved.

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      single or a double bolt? I had that issue with my stock single bontrager seatpost, i ordered a Thomson and all is well (double bolt). Dunno if the use of bolt or screw is correct.

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      So, I don’t know if you have solved your problem yet, but I also ride a Boulder SE and have the same problem. I’ve tightened it several times and still it slides back down. I put that stupid rear reflector back on and put it all the way down on the seat post right at the clamp. It seems to help a bit. Make sure it’s tight.

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