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    I need recommendations for a good repair / maintenance manual. I have a Specialized Pro Carbon Enduro and I would like to learn how to repair it myself or at least be able to better maintain it. 😃

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    Zinn and the Art of Mountain Bike Maintenance. Good manual, quite helpful.

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    I have this one.

    Here is the one cynergy68 suggested.

    I have heard good things about both.

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    Probably your best source of info is on the internet. Youtube is full of videos from bleeding brakes to seting up derailleurs and everything in between.

    Parks Tools website has a tech section that as a bunch of bike repair related articles.

    Of course there are the MTB repair blogs right here on singletracks.

    If you have any specific repairs you are trying to do you can always post in the MTB repair and Maintenance section of these forums. I can guarantee one of the members here will be able to get you heading in the right direction.

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    I recently just crossed that bridge myself of attempting my own maintenance. I picked up, [i:3tqgnp67]The Bicycling Guide to Complete Bicycle Maintenance & Repair[/i:3tqgnp67] by Todd Downs. This book is pretty informative and also goes through the theory and some of the physics behind the components to give you a better understanding. I have found that no single source is perfect though. I would recommend a good repair book such as this one. Just don’t limit yourself to one source. Like the previous posts said, check the internet, and of course, forums on singletracks are also a great resource.

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    Big Blue Book of Bicycle Repair – Park Tool for around $20. This is a great book which covers everything, mtn and road in case you cross train. The most beneficial part is the endless supply of detailed images and examples. Check it out and best of luck!


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