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      I am a guy just getting started in mountain biking. I have an old Mongoose XR-100 that I’ve been using just for going down country roads, but I’ve decided I want to restore it back to almost new condition with some upgrades. Right now, only the front brake works, as the rear one has seized up, and the gearshift might need replacing,  as it is stiff and only automatically shifts up hills. I try not to shift it manually as it sometimes doesn’t catch on right. I am also not sure on the condition of the gears and sprockets, although they do seem rusty, and I think they just need to be taken off and sanded a little bit to get the rust off and sprayed with some clear coat. The chain seems fine, although in the future I will buy a new one, and I am also gonna clean and polish the frame and handlebars. I am open to any suggestions on what to do and what parts are best for this type of bike.

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      Your bicycle is a death-trap, waiting to kill you. Sorry to break it to you.

      As you’re bombing down a fun trail in the woods, going way too fast because it feels so good, a crazed squirrel will stop in the middle of the trail and stare at you. Happens all the time. In a panic, you’ll grab a handful of brake levers. You’ll fly like a human arrow headfirst into a tree. Dead before you hit the ground.

      So instead of spending a dime on that suicide machine, put all the money you were going to spend in a coffee can. When there’s around 500 bucks in there, go to your local bike shop and ask about a good used trail bike.  I bet they’ll be happy to steer you to a sweet ride that you’ll be thrilled with.

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      Totally agree with ZipHead… It is going to waaayyy better and cheaper (believe it or not) and faster to buy a used hardtail on your local bike shop or a new entry bike from a website. You might spend between $500 to $750 but you’ll get something that will make you have fun instead of suffering, will last longer and can be upgraded over the time if you get more and more interested in Mountain biking. If possible look for a bike with a 1× drivetrain, a thru axel on the rear instead of dropouts and a tapered headset… It would make your life much more easier and cheaper (short and long run). Examples of NEW good Online entry bikes under $650 are: Vitus Nucleus, Polygon Xtrada 7.0 or a used one on your bike shop rather than online. You can also get financing (PayPal at no interest rate or Affirm). Hope this helps.

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      You seem so enthusiastic and I don’t want to rain on your parade but that bike is not something you would want to fix up.  Fixing up that bike would just be throwing good money after bad.  Listen to Zip and Rene.

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      No problem, thanks for all the help!

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