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      I am trying to find a bike rack that will carry two bikes the size and weight of Trek Fuel EX 8 bikes.  It would need to be a hitch rack and as easy as possible to load.  I am 73 years old and short.  Any help would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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      I have a Yakima Holdup 2 that has been solid and reliable for about 3 years now. I carry two Fuel EX bikes in it with no problem. It is easy to load the bikes onto it and holds them securely. We’ve driven across multiple states with it.

      I think this kind of tray style carrier works well, but they are somewhat heavy and can take a little practice to get the rack itself on & off the hitch. But when on the vehicle it is solid. The Yakima uses a threaded bolt that tightens to the hitch receiver so the rack is not going to move around.

      I’ve heard a lot of good things about 1 Up USA racks, and also some Kuat racks, so you might check those out too. Good luck!

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        Thanks so much for all the help.  Much appreciated.

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      Almost any quality brand will hold the Trek Fuel- not really a very heavy bike.  Yakima holdup as stated above is a great choice, great rack, easy to use and a great company  Thule makes a simular rack and you can’t go wrong with either.  1 up is another fantastic brand, maybe the best.  These are all pricey racks, but will hold up very well and have great company support.  I own the Yakima and it has been amazing rack and easy to use.

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      This topic has been discussed in detail.  Some good info in the following thread:

      What bike rack do you use?

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      Dan, I ride a Trek Fuel EX and have a Kuat Sherpa rack.  If you are only carrying two bikes it may be the best option.  Most two bike tray racks are ~50 lbs, where the Sherpa is only 30.  It also doesn’t use a threaded hitch pin which makes mounting it to the vehicle much easier.

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      I have 1-up rack that holds two bikes on a 1 1/4″ hitch.  It’s awesome, built like a tank and super easy and fast to load and unload.  The only thing that touches the rack is the wheels so I don’t mess up the heavy coating of mud usually covering my bike.

      Not too much more $$ than other brands.

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      Please keep in mind that a rack with a 1 1/4″ hitch is NOT rated for off pavement driving while a 2″ hitch is.

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      Previously mentioned & have to agree – the 1 Up rack is great.

      Easy loading  & unloading, of bike, doesn’t touch the bike frame and sits low enough under the SUV trunk that it can stay on vehicle without interfering with daily use.   Also expandable for additional bikes.  Very solid – a bit more expensive than other racks but after 2 years of ownership, definitely worth it.  As a bonus, they’re made in Wisconsin I believe.  Can’t beat that….

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      A buddy of mine has a Kuat NV 2.0 and every time we use his vehicle I think I need one of these. Great rack. But then I look at the price and think, eh, maybe not.

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      I’ve got a Saris Freedom rack and it sits kinda low compared to other racks and it only holds on by your tires. I could only recommend this as an mtb rack as its works regardless of frame design. Being as light as it is it does do some wobble side to side without a stabilizer strap(30 lbs trail bike). It will fatigue at some point and probably break. I do hope to catch the wear on the support bar before that happens. So with everything being said, i would steer clear of the Saris Freedom unless your bike is light(24lbs under) and you don’t want to run stabilizer straps. Forgot to mention, it has two built in lock-able cables and a bottle opener that makes your beer explode when using it due to the angle you have to open it at. If your bike is 24lbs or less it will provide a low platform that doesn’t touch your frame. It also does NOT fold up towards the vehicle like Thule racks I’ve seen. Its doesn’t touch your frame though, so that might be worth something.

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