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      I’m looking into a truck bed bike rack for two bikes. I’m pretty handy with wood, but the idea of using tie downs etc doesn’t appeal to me on these short drives to the local bike trails. I don’t mind the tie downs on the long trips.  So I’ve seen a few tire clamp things that lock with a lever.  Do these really work?  Are tie downs still necessary  with them? I would love to look them but I’m unsure of the manufacturer.

      please throw out ideas or brands so I can look them up!!
      thankyou all!,,

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      Look into getting a used tailgate pad.

      You’re welcome.


      [Edit: for brands, I use a RaceFace pad. But lots of other brands are ok, too]

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      Thanks zip head, are they good for long trips and do they damage or scratch the the truck? My truck is black and I’m picky with it lol

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      No scratches, no scuffs, no holes to drill or anything to permanently attach. The whole back of my pad is a soft velour-like material. 1 bike or 6, just as easy to load and transport. I’ve driven hundreds of miles and the bikes don’t move an inch.

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      Taking the tire off every time gets old. Tailgate pad is great for avoiding that.

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      Ok, the tailgate pads look like the way to go, now the reviews tell me that the curve and thickness of my Dodge Ram 1500 won’t fit properly!  The dodge rams are probably 3inches thicker in the middle with a arch lol   Any of you guys have a dodge????

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      Yep. Dodge Ram 1500 quad cab. Works great.

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      I have a Ram 1500 quad cab, with a locking tonneau cover, and I don’t really care for the tail gate pads. I use them when I have to carry more than two bikes, other wise I just use moving pads. I take off the front tires, lay one bike on its side rear tire in first, cover it with a moving pad, lay the other bike on the other side laying over on the pad. Then I throw in around the bikes, cooler, tool box, gear bag, and what ever.  Lock the tailgate, lock the tonneau, no one knows you are even carrying anything. Until I got the tonneau I never felt safe stopping to eat.

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      Loooooove tailgate pads. Such a great option if you own a truck. For years, I just used a rug with a rubber backing and some straps on my older bikes as a cheap alternative.  No damage to the truck, but a little rub of the paint on the downtube of the bike.  Tailgate pads solve all the issues AND is looks so cool! Ha!

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      Thanks everyone, I took your advise and ordered a bike pad!

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      Thanks again, couldn’t be happier with it👍

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        Alright we will consider tailgate pad as well.  Uncle recently retired and will be into biking. We will install the headache rack and retractable tonneau covers this week so the tailgate pad will be perfect.

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      Looking good!!

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