Bike rack causing car to auto brake in reverse


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      Anyone else have this problem with their vehicle? I’ve got a hitch rack on my Volkswagen and whenever it’s attached and I try to reverse it thinks I’m about to hit something and lets me go just a little ways before auto braking. I have to put the car in park, then reverse again, and repeat, sometimes more than once before I can fully back up.

      Anyone else have this problem with their vehicle and/or ideas for preventing it? I would think the camera would be smart enough to realize the object it sees (the rack) isn’t getting any closer as I reverse and it would ignore it, but it doesn’t…

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      Take it to the dealer but be prepared for them to not have a solution. I actually have worked in the auto industry and  was on the product launch and development side of the business for years.   I am not a Luddite and in spite of how I make a living, I’m getting to the point that all the new “features” are a detractor to my purchase decision rather than attraction.  My old POS keeps running and when it does break costs me a fraction of my newer car to fix.

      You would be amazed at how seemingly simple problems are immensely complex to solve.  Using your issue as an example,  even if the sensors denote the presence of a rack,  every time the rack/bike wiggles (and they all do) the sensor is presented with a new object and trips.   It would be very complicated to develop and validate a solution, short of allowing the driver to shut it off when using a rack which open safety cases should they forget to turn it back on.

      Find yourself an old Jeep Wrangler…

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      Similar problem. If I use my “over the tailgate” pad on my Tundra, it is constantly telling me that I’m going to hit something and that “auto braking” is disabled because the sensor is dirty.  Annoying but at least it disables the braking rather than applying it.

      I have taken to standing the bikes up in the bed instead.

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      OK, sounds like the solution is to always pull thru and avoid backing up if possible haha.

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      You could try tape or something over the sensor that would not move relative position and see if it has an automatic shut off

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      It happens to me every day. I’m sure you already checked but some cars let you override the auto brake each time you back up. Ideally this “feature” should be optional on/off for the owner. For me it is not so I override with each initial reverse during the trip. Ugh.

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        Thanks for the tip, it looks like there is a way to deactivate parking assist on my vehicle. I’ll have to try that!

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      When I am a vehicle with all the extra stuff on it the first thing I do is go into settings and turn it off or all the way down if off is not an option. Probably easiest solution. Agreed with comment that so many new features are a detractor for me with new vehicles. I want to drive my vehicle not have the thing do all the work. Keeps me engaged so I don’t zone out as much and probably safer overall since it forces me to pay attention.

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      Seems like the rack is detected by the sensors.

      Nothing like auto pahk!!


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      I have a RAV4 that I didn’t know did that and the first time it did, it scared the poop out of me.  Thought I just backed my bike into a tree the stop was so sudden.


      Fortunately, on my RAV4, I can disable that feature.  Seems odd that your car does not.  Bummer for sure.

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      If you have a tow setting that will solve the problem.

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