Bike packing in North Carolina

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      Are there any trails, or linked together trails in NC like the VA: Heart of Appalachia trail or the VA Creeper trail?

      looking for 100+ miles that is offroad but doesn’t require a shock fork.

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      The Trans Western North Carolina is just over 300 miles long and is less than 20% singletrack. According to the route info 98% of it is rideable, though I don’t know if that means with or without a suspension fork. 🙂

      Trans-WNC (Western North Carolina)

      There’s another route in eastern North Carolina if you’re up for a coastal route.

      The Croatan Gravel Vanish

      Finally, I’ve heard rumors of the Palmetto Trail in South Carolina being a decent non-technical bikepacking route, but it seems like maybe some portions are closed to bikes.

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      That Trans-WNC bike packing route looks pretty cool.  As someone who frequents the classic singletrack in Pisgah, I will tell you that this particular route around Brevard is not very feasible for a non-suspension bike.  The route outlined there includes everything from Black Mountain trail to South Mills River.  These are super tough and technical trails even for the best guys on 150mm full suspension bikes.  The good thing is…with a little research you can likely navigate around all of the “black diamond” stuff in Pisgah and stay on gravel roads.

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