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    In June 15-23 the Bike Odyssey 2019!!!

    The prologue returns for the first day of the race!

    Preparations for next year’s Bike Odyssey have already begun and the organization of the race is already working hard for 2019. Therefore, the date of Bike Odyssey 2019 has been set for June 15-23!

    A change compared to the previous year is to be added by resetting a prologue for the first day of the race. The prologue will be a small team time-trial (approximately 6-7 km), consisting of technical dirt paths and small scenic alleys of the local settlement where it will take place.

    In this way, having in mind a purely festive note, the organization of the race will welcome and present the participants and those who choose to attend the race for this great celebration of cycling and sports in general that Bike Odyssey is!!

    As we can see, preparations for conducting the Bike Odyssey 2019 are already in progress and we are all looking forward to the upcoming and upgraded version of this special cycling event!

    Here you can check out the latest video of the final etape of the race

    <iframe src=”” width=”560″ height=”315″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen=””></iframe>

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    UCI 4-Days North & UCI 4-Days South Bike Odyssey 2019

    Any professional athlete could take part either in one or IN BOTH OF THEM, gaining that way DOUBLE THE POINTS – BENEFIT!!

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    Looks freaking amazing – if my level of badass increases, I’d so love to do this.

    As a primarily triathlete (ironman/xterra) who can no longer run, I am focusing on endurance mountain biking. This post had my heart racing, however there are no details. A 1 or 2 sentence about the race (where, distance, athlete level (age grouper?) etc.) would be great to weed things out quickly – even the teaser video was without real details, but one could deduce it is not in the US.

    Good luck to those racing this,




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