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      Was talking with my LBS, and was looking at upgrading my ’16 rig to a new one.  Well that bubble burst quickly, as he said, they are saying delivery time is 7/6/22!!!  WHOA….and how is this even acceptable for an industry??  SMH!!!

      2nd part of the topic …so no new bike, but what about upgrades…and Carbon is not in my budget or interest.

      Is a new front fork worth the cost to upgrade….from a fox 34 to a fox 36…and yes this is generically speaking.

      Whats the take of this board regarding upgrades.



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      The standing excuse being the scamdemic…

      Why not do some upgrades to various components of the bike you have? There are many things that can be done while keeping some coin in the piggy bank for the opportunity to buy a new bike in the future. Keeping an eye peeled for opportunity is necessary these days. Set the budget aside for the moment the right opportunity presents itself cause if ya snooze that bike will be gone and you’ll be to the waiting game once more.



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      Most major upgrades are a bad return on investment and especially so if your going to buy a new bike in a short time like spring 2022. If you intend to keep riding your bike for a few years, a major upgrade like a new fork or wheelset might be reasonable. However, it’s probably best to have your fork and shock serviced if it hasn’t been done lately.

      If your old bike doesn’t have modern geometry, you’re missing out on one of the best things that have happened to mountain bikes ever. The only way to solve that problem is to buy a new bike.

      The problem with most older bikes is that they likely don’t have the latest 1×12 drivetrains with wide range 10-50/51/52 cassettes. If you’re going to upgrade your drivetrain to 1×12 Shimano Deore with 10-51 cassette or Sram GX with 10-52 cassette then that is an upgrade that might make sense. Just be aware of hub driver compatibility issues. Upgrading your drivetrain especially makes sense if your old drivetrain is worn and needs a new cassette, chain, chainring, and cables anyway.

      Touch points like saddles, grips, or pedals are always a good upgrade. Especially if something about your current setup is uncomfortable.

      Installing a bigger rotor on the front wheel and using metallic pads will improve braking power.

      New tires are always a good upgrade.

      In general, I usually think it is better to save your money to buy a new bike than to spend a lot of money upgrading an old bike that has outdated geometry and drivetrain. I’m in the same boat as you. I would like to buy a new Epic Evo or Spur but there are none available. Instead, I’m keeping my old bike running until the new bikes become available but I’m not spending a lot of money on it. Hanging a lot of new parts on an old bike just doesn’t make sense to me. But, I’m making certain that everything on my old bike is in tip-top form and ready to keep riding for at least another year.

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      that is stellar info!! ty…and the 1*12 is gold!!

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      Upgrading the drivetrain, is to me, the best upgrade I did.

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