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      We are launching a new bike lighting product and would like your help in conducting a survey about the product.
      It’s a smart bike lighting gadget made from biker’s perspective.
      Please check out the survey below, it won’t take more than 1-2 minutes to complete the survey and we will be giving away our products to randomly selected participants as a token of our appreciation. Thanks!

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      Sounds like an interesting product.

      I like the idea of the light turning itself on when you’re moving, and off when you’re not. Garmin’s Varia light does something similar, though I think it varies brightness according to speed. This could be really useful for mountain biking since the faster you’re going, the farther ahead you need to see.

      I’m not sold on the idea of the light being brighter when it’s darker out, and dimmer when it’s not dark. It’s counterintuitive, but you actually want the opposite: dim light when it’s dark, bright light when it’s light. This is how smartphone and laptop screens work; they are dim in dark rooms, and bright when you’re outside in the sunlight.

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      I replied to your survey, but I’ll add a bit more here. First, I love good bike lights and I’m a technophile. I love fun tech. That being said, I wonder what problem this light is solving? I see a lot of what you are offering as a means to extend battery life (auto-off, auto-dim). I think if that is your focus, your marketing should first hammer home the point of how long users can expect the light to last. Tell me how many hours it will last at how many lumens. Be specific.

      I really don’t need my light to change brightness automatically for the sake of it. When I want the light bright, I want to have it be bright. Not when it wants to make the light bright. Also, I night ride with others on trail that winds about. I would hate to have light from them cause my light to dim (or brighten) in a way that doesn’t work for me. Be explicit that there is a manual override mode where the user can just set the brightness that she/he wants.

      In addition, I’m not sure MTB is your market. However, this light may be great for commuting. Most people I know are now buying lights at over 1,000 lumens. We’re running multiple lights (helmet and bar). Our chief concerns are (a) is it bright enough, (b) will it last for my full ride, (c) will it take a beating, and (d) will the company that made it offer good customer service/repairs? I have an OLED Niterider Lumina that tells me how much burn time I have left on a display. If you adjust the brightness, it adjusts remaining battery time. That tech is priceless for a night ride. Also, it lasts for a long time. At low power, it lasts over five hours and that is plenty bright for climbing. At high power, it’s super bright and lasts 1.5 hrs. That means that after an hour or two of climbing on low, I still have 45 min of downhill burn time on high.

      Where I think current lights are lacking: Beam pattern on many self-contained (i.e. battery inside of light) is often too narrow. Also, burn time could always be longer. Finally, there needs to be more either side-mounted helmet lights or flat lights for helmet mount so that riders don’t have a 4-inch tall tree catcher on top of their helmets.

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      Finally, there needs to be more either side-mounted helmet lights or flat lights for helmet mount so that riders don’t have a 4-inch tall tree catcher on top of their helmets.

      +1 to this. Not a lot of low profile, lightweight helmet lights to choose from.

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