Bike grips with knife hidden inside

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      Has anyone seen this before? It’s from and not only do they have the knife version shown, there’s also a mini pepper spray grip too. I’ve heard of road bikers carrying pepper spray to keep dogs away and heck, mountain bikers do carry bear spray, though those cans are usually massive, way too big to fit inside a handlebar.

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      I could really use a quick-draw pepper spray system to combat dogs while road riding in rural north georgia… anyone have any tips?

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        I remember seeing a video from someone ( showing a pepper spray product that was designed specifically for use by cyclists to deter aggressive dogs. It did have some kind of quick-draw system but not only that, it shot out a concentrated and powerful stream so the spray didn’t blow back into the rider’s face. I guess it’s hard to control where pepper spray goes when you’re moving at high speeds…

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      The marketing for the knife grips does seem to be really focused on thwarting attackers but I was just thinking a knife could come in pretty handy for bikepacking and general repair stuff on the trail. Just last night I borrowed a buddy’s knife to cut the end off an annoying zip tie after repairing my helmet light.

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        I carry a Kinder Pepperblaster while out on my road bike.  I’m less concerned with dogs than I am with confrontational knucklehead motorists.

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      I like the pepper spray idea, don’t know if I am a fan of having a fixed blade knife popping out when I crash.  Which is often!

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        I’m concerned also but I believe the knife can be folded

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      That was my thought too. Seems like the knife might pop out easily.

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      With as personal and important a choice as grips are(at least for me), I would never purchase a set based on what weapon got stored inside of it. I carry enough with me that I don’t need to store more in my handlebars and if I’m in a situation in which someone is attacking me, I’ll man up, step off the bike and beat them to death with my trail saw.

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      I agree with the need for a quick-draw pepper spray system. The “concentrated and powerful stream” Jeff mentioned is a pepper gel, which is better than spray because it doesn’t blow back.

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      I’m waiting for the grenade-launcher-in -a-downtube. Sure to catch on in Canada 😉

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      I definitely see the pepper spray being pretty useful for a city or commuter bike. I’d probably recommend getting it for a couple girls I know in my school.

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      I just ride with a shotgun. Mossberg 590 Mariner Tactical.

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