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      Swapped my road bike for a mtb and kind of went with the general stand over to check for size. In browsing thru some forums I saw that it was recommended to have between 3 -6 inchs of clearance . I have about 2 on my titus. I will be riding this bike but was wondering if this is going to be a problem. any thoughts would be appreciated. 😕 :?:

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      Just a bit more info to possiably help. the frame on the titus is a xxs so it is the smallest frame titus makes.I am sure it will be alright but does the 3-6 inch thing sound right to anyone? with such radical sloping top tube on some designs it does not seem as though this is a huge factor as much as being able to achieve proper reach and pedal contact.Am i way of base ?

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      I would go for more like 1-3 inches 3 to 6 seems like a ton of room to me. Try this fit Calc see what you come up with … ATOR_INTRO

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      I don’t worry about standover height for mountain bikes. I am usually in the pedals. Therefore, I don’t care. When I am not standing on the pedals, I am floating above them. MTB geometry differs so greatly among brands; standover heights fail as a quality predictor of overall fit. For instance, both the Transition Bottlerocket and Blindside have the same standover height for all three sizes they offer. Transition changes the reach and toptube length to adjust for size.

      Most important to me is reach. Reach is the distance between the bottom bracket and headtube. It’s very similar to toptube length. Indeed, when frame designers don’t provide the reach, I check the toptube length. Likely reach is more important for "out of the saddle" disciplines such as downhill, freeride and trials. Toptube more heavily impacts saddled disciplines such as XC. Reach or toptube measurements are more important to MTB because, regardless of discipline, you’ll find you adjust your weight, forward or rearward of center, far more often than you do on a road bike. If reach is too long, getting your weight far enough back to descend steeps would be awkward, if not impossible. If reach is too short, you’ll be cramped on long pedals.

      Reach is ugly to fit because, like Vtolds’ calculator, it requires more than one or two measurements. Indeed, it requires more than just body measurements. Using reach requires knowing which discipline you mostly ride. It also depends on your strengths and weaknesses. (More proof I am a tranny whore coming) Part of reason Transition puts a shorter reach on the Syren (bike for hot chicks) is because it makes it easier for girls to lift the front end. Females of our species tend to be comparatively weaker in the upper body. Thus, the shorter reach makes the bike more efficient to ride for most MTB chicks.

      The only reliable method I have seen for fitting mountain bikes is test rides. If the bike feels comfortable when riding, then it fits. If it feels just a little wrong, frame size is probably correct. Likely you need to dial in the fit. If the bike feels all wrong, then your frame is probably poorly sized.

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      I’m 5’10" but I have short legs I went with 1" of clearance, smaller bike would leave me cramped together up top, I went for feel and gave little consideration to clearance.

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      Thanks for the great info! It reinforced what I was already thinking. The Titus "feels "right and coming from a motorcycle back ground being able to shift my wieght front to back and side to side just felt right. I will be looking to get my reach correct as I ride more and get a better feel for my riding. As long as my shoulders and neck do not feel cramped or I feel like I can not drop off the back easily I think I will be ok .

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