Bike covers for rear hitch mount racks


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      I’m tired of my bike being coated in dirt upon arriving at trailheads that require miles of travel along a dirt road. Does anyone have any experience with bike covers, like this or any other one?

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      All of the racks I’ve had have stated that using a bike cover voids the warranty and I think they would add a huge amount of drag and therefore force on the bike would increase. I feel your pain but a dirty bike is better than the broken bike all over the highway.

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        If the wheels stick out from the sides of the vehicle, with a cover on the bike, the wind couldn’t pass through the wheels. Yeah, that makes sense that it would generate much more force on the rack and bike. Dang it.

        One friend suggested using a small portable air compressor at the trailhead. Not sure if he was serious or not.

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      Yeah, I think a cover would be a bad idea. Apart from the increased drag, it’s eventually going to flap itself to pieces at highway speeds.

      Greg actually mentioned it in his article today on road tripping with your bikes:

      A couple ideas though…

      What if you only put a cover on your bikes once you got to the dirt road? I’m assuming you’re not going to be doing 70 on a dirt road, so the drag wouldn’t be as large a factor.

      Alternatively, what about getting a small garden sprayer so you can at least rinse off your drivetrain and suspension before you start?

      Like dis:

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        I thought of waiting to cover bikes until leaving the pavement too. I’ll see how that works.

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      How ’bout just enjoying your ride and clean the bike when you get home.  Depending on trail conditions I get more grime on my bike trail riding then hauling it to the trail.

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      @ironhead700 it’s kind of hard to enjoy the ride when your drivetrain and suspension are squeaking because they’re covered in dust.

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        Well then maybe you should try another trail location if you are bothered that much.  (more cheese with that whine?)

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      Get a mini van and put your bike inside. You cannot beat them for biking practicality.

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      @ironhead700 what an insightful comment! You must be a real blast to ride with.

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      Aron, I spent years fighting my bike into the trunk of my various cars except one hatchback I had. I do not like hitches since the bikes can, and do, get lifted regardless of the locking device. Out of sight out of mind… We bought the minivan new in 2003. Since 2013 its been used for the dog and biking. It is so much better than a car and fuel efficient with a single seat and the rear bench seat removed and so much room inside. Of course, this is fine so long as your macho image can handle a football mum vehicle (round ball, you know real football, rugby league with pads…).

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        @dpb1997 you don’t have to sell me on the practicality of a minivan! I was actually looking at them before I got my 4Runner, but my lady was the one said nah, I’m not riding in a minivan. I was like, we can pull the seats out, fit some bikes in here, camp in it… She said, yeah but it’s still a minivan.

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