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      I’m about to sound like a tool, but I’m easily excited. 😏

      So I don’t know if I’m the only guy in the world without a bike computer, but I got a Schwinn computer for Christmas and finally hooked it up today, as spring is sprung and I’m on the trails again.

      Holy mother of God, this is the coolest invention ever. Nothing special, just the usual speed, distance, averages, times, clock… the usual, but dude… how cool are bike computers? 😆

      You may carry on now. That is all. 😛

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      Almost as good as sliced bread, aren’t they?! 😆

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      Yea, sliced bread is awesome! But not as good as my sexXxay helmet!

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      Except when they fail, I had 700 miles on the odemeter and it just reset everything 😢

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      GOOO!!!! That is NOT cool. Sorry, bro!

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      I don’t think I ever have a computer/odometer last much more than a year. Something always goes wrong. Usually I break the bracket because I went over the handle bars (I’m trying to stop doing that). Or, the wire cracks and breaks at the point it goes into the mount, or it just plain goes stupid on me (like my current odometer, which, when I get below 5mph, suddenly decides I am riding at 140mph; wahoo!). I’m tired of spending money on computers…

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      I feel the same way about my GPS. Does all the same things plus you can find your way back to the parking lot when you get on a new, confusing trail. I’ve been using the Etrex Vista.
      The other bonus is that when you are riding solo and injure yourself, you can give the first responders a grid to locate you.

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      I just got a $20 Bell bike computer (decided to have a looksie in the bike department of a wally world that just opened up, just to see if anything there was remotely close to my I-Drive 5.0 when I saw it) and it is pretty nice! wireless sensor that mounts to the fork, and the computer is small as sin. I’d say it can’t be any bigger than a largish wristwatch. it has a tripometer, an odometer, a speedometer (KM/H or MI/H), a trip timer, a 12/24 hour clock, and it tells you how many calories you’ve burned based on your weight and your speed. it mounts perfectly to my handlebars. I’ve got mine mounted to the left of the headset, where the handlebar is on a slant. the only problem with the wireless sensor is that it doesn’t have enough range to allow me to mount the sensor on the rear wheel where it would be more protected. ah well. at least the front fork gives a lot of protection, as its so wide, tho I did have to chain-up 2 zip ties to get it attached 😆

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      If you buy a good quality bike computer with a good gage wire or wireless… And it will last mine is now 2 yrs old been running trough rain dust etc… and works great and i have yet to change the batteries… it’s a Sigma BC906


      info here : [url:1ymv17wr][/url:1ymv17wr]

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