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      I have a question for anyone and everyone to answer. If I take an older huffy frame, full suspension, say 2010, can I strengthen it up and use it to build I stout full suspension that will hold up through all that I can put it thru?

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      How do you plan to “strengthen it up”?  Not knowing any more than you have stated in your post I think you would be much happier trying to sell it and put the money into a better quality used frame and components.  The old Huffy components and suspension will not hold up to extensive use and the frame itself is already heavy without any strengthening modifications you may do to it.  Just my thoughts . . .

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      I agree with CFM, in my opinion it would be better to get a newer year frame to build on.  After working on a 2012 fuji reveal, I have found that some of the stuff that was more standard sizing with components then have started to change now and are getting harder to get.  If you do end up working on that Huffy make sure you measure several times for each component you need, so you only have to buy something once.

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      Thanks. I don’t believe that I will be able to strengthen that frame. Think Im going to start from ground up. No pun intended.

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      Anyone have a 27.5 + or 27.5 frame ?

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      I do

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      I have one

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