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      I’ve been following Gene Hamilton for awhile now and whenever his camps are in Atlanta I’m all over it!!
      If you have a choice between new wheels, a new shock, or this camp – spend the money on the camp! New wheels or any new equipment will not make you a better rider, more confident or faster…but the skills you learn in Gene’s camp will!"

      Here are the dates of his camps in Georgia:

      April 13-15 Ellijay, GA Mountain Bike Camp
      April 20-22 Atlanta, GA Women’s Mountain Bike Camp

      Check out his website for more details:

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      At the risk of adding Spam, I’ll add that I took one of Gene’s camps about 6 years ago and it was the best MTB $$ I ever spent. It was both fun and I gained skills I wouldn’t have got anywhere else.

      After taking the camp, my logic was proven–if you’re gonna spend $4K on a bike, isn’t it worth 10% of that amount to learn to get the most out of it? Of course, the logic still holds if you’re riding an old beater too. As deirae88 noted, better riding beats bling any day.

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      Agreed; camp will make an old bike come alive. 😃

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      Sounds like I’m going to be attending the one in Ellijay! Anyone else planning on being there?

      For those that have attended one of his camps before, any tips for a first time skills camp attendee?

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      That for sure on my list of things to do. It might be a challenge to be in the rite place right time. 😀 But I have to believe y’all are right, that the skills will do more for a rookie like me then more gear. Though I am told that Upgradeittis is the name of my affiliation. 😆

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      Upgradeittis – love the term! Gene Hamilton from BetterRide Skills Coaching wrote an article on “Choosing a Fun and Confidence inspiring MTB” which you may want to check out. Gene knows his stuff. Getting oneself educated on all things bike can do no harm!

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      FYI this was posted back in 2012. BetterRide is not coming to Georgia next spring. Closest is in Asheville, NC (May 29-31)

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