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      Has anyone ever taken a 3-day clinic such as the ones offered by [url]

      I am seriously considering the women’s Conyers event, but $750 is a lot of money. I’d also always love to put that towards a new bike. I live in Atlanta and ride everything. However, I got no real skillz. 😏
      Maybe climbing and braking. I seriously need to work on turning and everything else. I feel like this would be great for me, but $750 great? Maybe I should spend some time on YouTube and practice when I go ride. Just looking for some feedback from anyone that’s perhaps tried a similar clinic.

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      Before you spend that much on a clinic, why not join the Sorellas cycling club here in Atlanta? It is a great group of women riders of all levels. They often have free skills clinics for members. And you can certainly learn from the more experienced riders in a safe and supportive environment.

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      Thanks. Too late to save me $, but I will check into it after my recent mtb injury heals. Likely January. I also live in Atlanta. I don’t know why it shows Alpharetta.

      I’d very much like to meet some other female riders.

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      I’ve done the better ride clinic and it was well worth the money. All the others in the class were happy about it as well.

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      Yes, I did the women’s only BR clinic in the spring and thought it was worth the money. Also good to tap into local, free resources as well. REI also has some one-day clinics.

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