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      I have started racing this year and have been riding a Santa Cruz BLT. This is an all mountain bike and not built for racing. I have been looking at bikes and cannot make my mind up on what I am going to purchase. If any racers out there have any opinions please let me know about the bike you race or have raced. I am planning on my bike being full suspension because my tail is not as young as it used to be. All suggestions are appreciated.

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      I’ve been racing the LT2 for almost 2 years on the 12/24 series in which the terrain can really take it’s toll. I’d still consider the LT2 as a XC-Trail bike and you can squeeze weight out of it with lighter wheels, tires, 2 piece rotors and carbon peripherals. My Blur LT2 pops in at a smidge under 28LBs
      On the shorter (24-35mile) XC multi-loop races…I’ve gone 29er with an Orbea Alma World Cup. It’s a hardtail, but the 29er with Carbon Frame and the Orbea 4 point rear triangle makes it feel like a soft tail. There’s a reason the 29ers are populating the podiums around the world…..they work. 22 LBs with XTR, Zeus carbon and Spinergy Xyclone 29 wheels wrapped with Jones ACX.
      Don’t shy away from the HT option, they make you a better and more honest rider.
      XC racing is about the climb and choosing the best lines. Good luck..the right choice will take some time to experiment and deliberate.

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