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      Hey everyone!
      I’m pretty new to mountain biking (started in February of this year). I have a few questions about maintaining my bike. I started mountain biking with my specialized hardrock and loved it so much that I became addicted the first time I went. After riding some more intense trails I decided I wanted to earn a Specialized Stumpjumper over the summer. I recently bought this bike and I’m starting to really care about maintaining it properly. I know almost nothing about bikes still!! I’m trying to learn, but it’s coming pretty slow.

      I know many of you guys are very experience and know a lot of tricks and good ways to take care of your bikes. I’m just hoping you’ll be able to share some of those with me 😀 . I’m not sure if I can clean my disc breaks or if I should be doing anything to my chain besides lubing it up? What about my shocks?

      Whats the most important thing to do to take care of my bike?

      Also… I used to spray down my rockhopper when it got really dirty from dust. After I sprayed it down with water I would dry it and lube it up as best I could. Is that a bad idea?

      I appreciate all the help you guys can give me!! Thanks

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      You’ll find some good info here for starters.


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