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      I’m new to mountain biking (but with a competitive bmx background), and am looking to buy an all mountain bike, but unfortunately I’m stuck with a budget. Any recommendations for a bike up to $1500? Much appreciated

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      $1500 is a tough budget. You could probably get a nice used bike in your price range. Look for late models as much has changed (for the better) in the past few years.

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      You could get a nice fully rigid fat bike for 1500. It is a divisive subject in these forums and it seems to be love it or hate it. I love mine and ride it year round in the Midwest. You should at least test ride one.

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      Marin Hawk hill, 27.5, alloy frsme, 1×drive, hyd disc. Nice bike.

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      I bought a Hawk Hill last year and absolutely love riding on it.  My last bike was a Giant hardtail and I am amazed at how much more the Hawk Hill lets me get away with on all kinds of trails.  It’s stable but very playful and is very forgiving of my questionable line choices.  Media reviews have all been very good as well.

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      Marin hawk hill is THE best budget full suspension bike out there.

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      FYI, the Marin Hawk Hill is $1399 with an extra 20% off right now.  Not sure if I’m allowed to post where but a Google search for “Marin Hawk Hill 2018” should get you there…

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      I’d recommend a hardtail for this budget level.   You can get a much more quality bike by going with the hardtail.

      Orbeca Loki 27.5 + hardtail

      the bigger tires will help with obstacles on the hardtail.



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        rajflyboy had a good suggestion about 27.5+ hardtail.  Trek Roscoe and Salsa Timberjack can be purchased well below $1500.

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      Kinda like Miata is always the answer for the budget-conscious auto enthusiast, a Kona Honzo holds a similar spot in the trail/AM mountain bike world. The one linked is the lowest cost one of the bunch and with spare change you’ll have, score a dropper post then ride the thing like a lunatic. That said, the ultimate score IMHO, would be a used steel Honzo. I am biased as that is exactly what I scored this winter, but the thing shreds and I paid less than a grand for it. Here are a few decent ones that could work:




      Remember you can bargain on any of those too.

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      any thoughts on the giant fathom 2? comes with 2×10, dropper post, tubeless tires.  1175.oo ?

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      Used. Get a last years $3000 bike for $1500.

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      I would recommend YT or Commencal. You can get a killer bike for $1500. Look for 2017 leftovers and you will be right where you need to be.

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      Look to the UK.  Ragley, Whyte and Nukeproof all have bikes that are equippped nicely right around that budget.  I wanted a Nukeproof but could not find my size when I bought and ended up on Whyte 905.  No regret.  Keep in mind that geometry that you love downhill means you need more technique to get uphill.  Fair trade in my opinion, but it’s something to consider.

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      I got my Giant Stance 2 for $1300. Just look at your LBS and make friends. I got a MASSIVE discount for mine just because I’m a loyal customer and most small business love that.

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